Why Winter Is A Great Time To Sell

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Why Winter Is A Great Time To Sell

With property prices rising across much of America right now, many homeowners are exploring the opportunity to put their property on the market this winter.

You don't need a rising market to justify a winter marketing campaign. Winter has always been an excellent time to sell.

If you're ready to make a move but concerned about how the chill weather can dampen your asking price, let us step you through some of the advantages of going to market in the winter months.

The first advantage that almost no one ever mentions is: a winter sale means you'll be cashed up and ready to buy in the spring selling season, which is traditionally a favorite time to sell.

There are a few additional pluses for you. Firstly, as a buyer, the spring market will offer you greater choice. And because supply is usually more abundant, you'll be able to take your pick of suitable homes and be in a better position to negotiate an excellent price.

The second advantage is that in winter, there's rarely an over-supply of properties. That means you're in a better position to hold your ground on price because buyers have a limited number of choices, which in turn reduces their power in a negotiation.

While there are certainly fewer people circling the property market in winter, this time of year brings out the authentic buyers who are motivated to strike a deal and be ready for a new chapter in their lives for the new year.

A successful winter marketing campaign requires an experienced agent who is skilled in selling property by accentuating its strengths in any season. You should always ask prospective agents to provide a comparison of prices for homes sold in winter against those at other times during the year. This should give you greater confidence that winter will not undermine your price expectations.

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Here are our tips to make the most of your property in winter.

  1. Be flexible around the timing of buyer visits. Work with your agent to ensure walk-throughs are conducted on bright and sunny days where possible. Watch for the weather forecasts so you can plan a few days ahead.
  2. A focus on street appeal pays dividends in winter months because first impressions are critical. Rake leaves, tend to your lawn and clear any clutter regularly. Consider repainting your front door in a bright, primary color to add a little zest.
  3. Heat the home ahead of any buyer visit so it's welcoming and cosy. If you have an open fire, get roaring! But don't turn your home into a sauna.
  4. Use warm colors with your furnishings to add to the seasonal warmth you're creating. Throw-rugs and cushions get this job done quickly and easily.
  5. Turn on all your lights to make your home feel as bright as possible. If you want to
    create additional ambience, light some candles. Also, pull back the curtains because light gives a home a feeling of space.
  6. If you're worried your home may be a little dark, hang mirrors opposite windows so they reflect the natural light that comes in through windows, and reflects the ambience of lamps.
  7. A winter campaign means there'll be additional focus on the interior of your home. So, declutter and clean thoroughly, especially in bathrooms and the kitchen. Buyers find unkempt and cluttered homes a turn-off.
  8. If your campaign runs into the holiday season, keep your decorations to a minimum. You don't want to undermine all your preparatory work by cluttering the house with tinsel. Perhaps restrict yourself to a beautifully dressed tree.

Work with us & we will guide you through each step to get your home ready to sell this Winter.

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