Thousand Oaks A.D.U. Open House Tour


Thousand Oaks A.D.U. Open House Tour

A.D.U OPEN HOUSE TOUR this Saturday, July 22 at 7:00am-3:00pm

Thousand Oaks A.D.U Builders are hosting an Open House in the Conejo Oaks neighborhood to show off their craftsmanship & quality of work. If you have considered building an A.D.U on your property, this is the perfect opportunity to ask questions & tour one.


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What is an A.D.U.?

Accessory Dwelling Units or also known as granny flats, in-law units, second units, and casitas. No matter what you prefer to call them, ADUs are separate, complete homes for at least one person that are located on the same property as another, primary home. That means that ADUs have a place to live and sleep, a kitchen, and in most cases, their own bathroom.

Are there different types of A.D.U's?

Detached ADUs are located in free-standing buildings that are separate from the main single-family home or multi-family building. 

Attached ADUs involve adding on to a single-family home.

Conversion ADUs are constructed by converting part of an existing single-family or multi-family home, or by converting all or part of an accessory building (like a garage, shed, or studio). This includes garage conversions.

Junior ADUs (JADUs) involve converting part of the single-family home into a new dwelling unit that’s no more than 500 square feet and that may share a bathroom with the main home.

What are the benfits of an A.D.U.?

Added rental income, increases property value, additional housing for relatives, friends & caretakers, gives opportunity to downsize.

Where can I learn more about local A.D.U. Regulations?

Visit this website for more detailed A.D.U. resources Symbium Resources

Click here to make it specific to your city & area A.D.U's For Your City


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