Make Your Thanksgiving Tablescape Simply Memorable

Make Your Thanksgiving Tablescape Simply Memorable

Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Along with preparing an elaborate spread of food is creating a table setting to match.

Here are a few table scape ideas that can bring your meal to life.
Simpler can be better | Sometimes less on the table can have more impact 

Get inspired by the food & the season | Use elements on the menu as decor ✨ Cinnamon sticks, pomegranates, pears, persimmons, white pumpkins or squashes 

Consider serving your food family style | Having larger plates to pass around creates a warmer atmosphere and fills out the table

Mix materials | Use copper, brass, varied glassware, mixed ceramics and vintage pieces 

Forage leaves & branches | For one using plants from outside is free and resourceful. Leaves & branches add natural texture and color to your center piece 

Cloth or linen napkins | Such a simple addition that always elevates the table. An inexpensive option is to buy one large piece of linen from Joann Fabrics and to cut it into napkin size squares. Leaving the raw edge of the fabric just adds more natural texture to the table.

Write a note for each plate | A name tag, inspiring quote, or a word of gratitude for each plate setting adds a personal touch
a table with food and candles
a table with candles and glasses
Photos by Eyeswoon, Athena Calderone

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