2023 Homeownership Resolutions

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2023 Homeownership Resolutions

New Years Resolutions don't only have to be about reaching fitness & health goals, they can also include new ways to improve your home & living space! Here is a list to get you started on new resolutions you can accomplish in 2023. 


  • Plan for emergencies (start building an emergency savings fund)
  • Check Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Make an emergency safety box (fill with flashlights, water, food supply)
  • Decrease Fire Risk (check your smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, make a fire escape plan)
  • Re-evaluate Mortgage (pay on time, pay extra, refinance)
  • Increase Home Security (install an alarm system, cameras)
  • Review Home Insurance (make sure you are adequately covered)
  • Complete one upgrade (paint, lighting, flooring, outdoor living)
  • Increase Energy Efficiency (led bulbs, install a smart thermostat, consider solar, swap out showerheads)
  • Organize Home Maintenance (make a list of larger maintenance needs so your not taken by surprise)
  • Declutter
  • Call Concept Fine Homes & Estates (most importantly)

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